Wine + Art

The Perfect Pairing

Imagery Winery prides itself on quality and taste. So much so that it has informed one of our most important pairings yet, wine and art. Imagery Winery infuses art throughout your experience, from unique artwork replicated on every label, to the tasting room, and the dedicated on-site art gallery, featuring label artwork commissioned from some of the world’s most notable contemporary artists. The entire collection has over 700 artworks by over 400 artists. Around 100 pieces are currently on view in the gallery.


Gain access to purchase unique Imagery artwork through the annual Club Avant-Garde Charity Auction, benefiting a local non-profit organization, Becoming Independent. Access is available exclusively to Club Avant-Garde Members. Learn more about special member perks.


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The Gallery

Since the inception of the very first Imagery art pieces, the list of contributing artists has grown to include some of the most recognized in the world including: Sol LeWitt (CT), Shoichi Ida (Japan), Terry Winters (NY), William Wiley (CA), Goncalo Ivo (Brazil), Judy Pfaff (NY), David Nash (Wales), and Pat Steir (NY).

Sarah Winkler

Cara Enteles

Hung Liu

Phillip Hua

Vanessa Marsh

Bob Nugent

Tom Lieber

Andy Burgess

Heather Patterson

Martina Nehrling


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